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jordan p woodward – listening and learning

real quick...

I'm an Okie with a deep appreciation for the red dirt complexity of my home state, in all its subtle beauty and distressing ahistorical political forgetfulness. Perhaps due to the profound impact place has had on my own identity, re-inscribed and reformed countless times on front porches and at kitchen tables through the stories of my elders and friends, my scholarship also looks to the relationships formed between place, identity, and story.

The purpose of my work is to understand the formation of relationships between people, identity, and place, and rhetorically  listen to how these relationships are expressed in oral, written, digital, and embodied ways. My research explores representations and experiences of environmental in/justice, toxic landscapes, and ways diverse stakeholders communicate and negotiate place-based interests through vernacular and credentialed expertise.

I am a PhD student at The Ohio State University, studying Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy. My areas of study are environmental and place-based rhetorics, participatory research methods, and technical writing.

core competencies

digital storytelling; documentary film; photography; photovoice; [the digital both represents and informs the material]
material; nature and environment; spiritual and religious; gendered; technological; spacial and placial; [our expressions reveal the roots]
relationships between people, water, land, and weather; place and sensory-based expressions beyond writing; [the elements influence our identities, communities, cultures, and expressions]
the impact of place and space on composition; embodied and digital compositions; collaborative composition; [how we write on the world, how it writes on us]
writing; teaching; learning; interdisciplinary; slow scholarship; [mindful participation in a shared creation with others]
folk literacy
ways of knowing and being as literacy; questioning and resisting the privileging of certain literacies over others; sharing tools and knowledges cross-culturally;



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